Oktay Sinanoğlu – Turkish Einstein! Lifestyle, Ideology and Wealth of Genius

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Oktay Sinanoğlu

Physical chemist and molecular biophysicist

Net worth in 2022: unknown

Personal Stats

Age : 80 in 2015

Birth: February 25th 1935 in Bari, Italy

Died: April 19th, 2015, Miami, Florida, United States

Source of Wealth: Academic career, Self Made

Citizenship Turkish

Resting place: Karacaahmet Cemetery, Istanbul, Turkey

Children: 5

Salary: unknown

Education: BSc (UC Berkeley, 1956), MSc (MIT, 1957), PhD (UC Berkeley, 1960)

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Religion: muslim

Hobbies: maths, politics,

Interesting facts:

  • His father was a Turkish consular official in Italy
  • he studied in University of California, Berkeley graduating with a BSc degree with highest honors in 1956 
  • he completed his MSc at MIT (1957), and was awarded Sloan Research Fellowship.
  • On December 21, 1963, Oktay Sinanoğlu married to Paula Armbruster 
  • The family resided in the Emerald Lakes neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, Texas and in Istanbul, Turkey. 
  • He was appointed full professor of chemistry on July 1, 1963. At age 28, he became the youngest full professor in Yale’s 20th-century history 
  • he was the third-youngest full professor in the 300-plus year history of Yale University.

Most important 5 Theories:

  • Many Electron Theory of Atoms and Molecules (1961)
  • Solvophobic Theory (1964)
  • Network Theory (1974)
  • Microthermodynamics (1981)
  • Valency Interaction Formula Theory (1983)


  • Alfred Sloan award
  • TÜBITAK Bilim award
  • Alexander von Humboldt award
  • Sedat Simavi award
  • Bilgi Cagi award
  • Augur Mumcu award


  • Yale University
  • Yildiz Technical University


  • Modern Quantum Chemistry : Istanbul Lectures (Academic Press,1965)
  • Sigma Molecular Orbital Theory (Yale Press,1970)
  • Three Approaches to Electron Correlation in Atoms and Molecules (with K.Brueckner,Yale Press,1971)
  • New Directions in Atomic Physics (with E.Condon,Yale Press,1971)


  • “Mathematics is like a violin. It’s always necessary to practice.“ – Oktay Sinanoglu
  • “We start where everyone else left off.“ – Oktay Sinanoglu
  • “Whatever is talked about a lot, it means that the thing itself does not exist.“- Oktay Sinanoglu
  • “In this century, a few global companies dominate large agricultural lands, water resources, oil, natural gas, in short, every wealth in the world. These global giant companies have become even more powerful and effective than states.“- Oktay Sinanoglu

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