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Chris Haskett
BornApril 16, 1962
OriginBaltimore, Maryland
OccupationGuitarist, Composer, Producer
GenreAlternative Rock, Punk, Funk, Metal
Associated ActsRollins Band, David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, Tool
Notable Contributions– Guitar work on Rollins Band albums <br> – Collaboration with David Bowie on “Outside” <br> – Solo releases <br> – Versatile musical style
Interesting Fact 1Known for his dynamic stage presence
Interesting Fact 2Has ventured into engineering and production
Interesting Fact 3Collaborated with various renowned artists
Interesting Fact 4Emphasizes musical exploration and pushing boundaries
Interesting Fact 5Versatile in blending genres like punk, metal, funk

Biography of Chris Haskett

Veteran guitarist and composer Chris Haskett has made a significant contribution to the music world through his brilliance and dedication. Known for his distinctive style and versatility, Haskett left an indelible mark on the music industry. This biography delves into the life and achievements of Chris Haskett, shedding light on his musical journey and amassed wealth.

Early Life and Musical Development:

Chris Haskett He was born on April 16, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up immersed in a rich musical environment, he developed a passion for the guitar from an early age. Drawing inspiration from rock, punk, funk and blues, Haskett explored different genres and techniques to hone his skills.
Collaboration with

Rollins Band:

Huskett’s remarkable musical journey began in 1986 when he joined the influential alternative his rock band Her Rollins Her Band. As the band’s lead guitarist, he contributed to their distinctive sound that combined elements of punk, metal and funk. Characterized by intricate melodies and rhythmic complexity, Huskett’s guitar riffs have become Rollins and his band’s music.

In addition to his work with the Rollins Band, Haskett has worked with a variety of artists and bands, including David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, Tool, and the Henry Threadgill Sextet. This collaboration demonstrated his versatility as a guitarist and ability to adapt to different styles of music.

Net Worth and Business Ventures:

Although specific figures regarding Chris Haskett’s net worth have not been made public, there is no doubt that his successful music career and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed to his financial success. In addition to his musical pursuits, Haskett has been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, including recording, owning his studio and promoting production and engineering projects. These efforts probably strengthened his financial position over the years.

His Legacy and Lasting Influence:

Chris Haskett’s influence extends beyond his financial achievements. His innovative guitar playing, technical prowess and unique musical vision have inspired countless guitarists and musicians around the world. Rollins’ contributions to the music industry, both as a member of his band and through collaborations, have left an indelible mark on his alternative rock and guitar music.


Guitar virtuoso and versatile musician Chris Haskett has made significant contributions to the music industry throughout his career. From his influential stint with the Rollins Band to his collaborations with famous artists, Huskett’s talent and dedication have cemented him as a respected figure in the music world. While the wealth he amassed remains mostly secret, his enduring influence and musical legacy resonate with both his fans and aspiring musicians.

Timeline of Chris Haskett’s Musical Journey:

1962: Chris Haskett was born on April 16th in Baltimore, Maryland.

1986: Joins The Rollins Band as lead guitarist, contributing to a unique sound that blends punk, metal and funk influences.

1987: The Rollins Band releases their debut album, Life Time, featuring Huskett’s distinctive guitar playing.

1992: The Rollins Band’s groundbreaking album, The End of Silence, showcases Huskett’s intricate melodies and rhythmic complexity to critical acclaim.

1995: Huskett collaborates with David Bowie, contributing guitar work to Bowie’s album Outside and tours with him.

Late 1990s: Expanding collaborations, providing guitar parts for artists such as Reeves Gabrels, Tool and The Henry Threadgill Sextet.

2002: Haskett releases his solo album Language, showcasing his songwriting and guitar skills in a new context.

2010s: Continue to collaborate with various artists, explore different genres of music and push creative boundaries.

Now: Chris Haskett remains an influential guitarist known for his eclectic style and alternative contributions to rock. He continues to create and perform his work, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry.

Throughout his career, Chris Haskett has shaped the sound of alternative rock through his stellar guitar skills and diverse collaborations. His timeline reflects a journey marked by musical exploration, innovation and a commitment to pushing boundaries.

5 Interesting Facts About Chris Haskett:

Musical Versatility: Chris Haskett is known for his ability to seamlessly transition between genres and incorporate elements such as punk, metal and funk into his guitar playing.
Bowie Connection: Huskett had the opportunity to work with music legend David Bowie, contributing his guitar skills to Bowie’s album Outside and accompanying him on tour.
Engineering and Production: In addition to his guitar work, Huskett also ventures into engineering and production, demonstrating his technical expertise behind the scenes.
His Solo Releases: Rollins In addition to collaborating and collaborating with his band, Haskett has released his solo albums that highlight his own songwriting and artistic vision.
Live His Performance His Energy: Known for his dynamic stage presence, Haskett captivates audiences with his energetic performances and intricate guitar solos.

5 Quotes by Chris Haskett:

  1. “The most rewarding part of playing music is that moment when you connect with the other musicians on stage, and everything just clicks into place.”
  2. “As a guitarist, I’m always seeking new sounds and pushing myself to explore different styles. It’s all about keeping the creative flame alive.”
  3. “Collaboration is key. When you have talented musicians coming together, bringing their unique perspectives, that’s when the magic happens.”
  4. “Music has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people from different backgrounds. It’s a universal language that speaks to the soul.”
  5. “Playing guitar is a never-ending journey of discovery. There’s always something new to learn, new ways to express yourself, and new ways to challenge yourself creatively.”

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