Montana Black – Biography, Most Famous German Youtuber, and Twitch Streamer?

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Montana Black

Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris

Founder and Owner of MontanaBlack

Net worth in 2022: $3.1 million

Personal Stats

Age: 33 in 2022

Birth: March 2, 1998 in Germany

Source of Wealth: Youtube, Twitch 

Citizenship German, Turkish

Residence: Buxtehude and Hamburg

Children: 0

Salary: $1 million +

Monthly Income: $93,203,60


retail clerk

Religion: unknown

Height: 182 cm (5´ 11´´)

Weight: 85kg (187 Ibs)

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: brown

Zodiac Sign: twins

Hobbies: gaming, talking

Interesting facts:

  • In a Twitch leak on 06.10.2021 documents revealed that MontanaBlack had made $2,391,369 from Twitch payout alone from August 2019 to October 2021
  • montanablack88 appears to have a few brand deals and partnerships with companies like Gamers Only, Noble Chairs, Scuf, MifCom, SugarGang, and more. For a stream of his size, we would estimate that he makes around $5,000-10,000 a month from his brand deals.
  • Was drug addicted as a teenager
  • Has about 2.900.000 subscribers on Youtube and 4.700.000 subscribers on Twitch
  • On October 2022 he published a video, where he showed an astonishing cash amount of 308.636,08 Euros in his bank account after he withdrew 248.000 Euros.


Spontana Black

Monatana Black


  • “Everyone who dies may also have a problem: it has to “click” in its own head. Only then can you improve.“ – MontanaBlack 
  • „There is a line between insult and satire. Criticizing or insulting me is one thing, but defaming my community as part of a right-wing movement pushes all boundaries. The envy of a failed career probably speaks out.“ – Montana Black

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