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Vehbi Koç

Founder & Co-Chief Investment Officer, Koc Holding

In 2016, the family’s wealth was estimated at US$8 billion 

Personal Stats

Age : aged 94

Birth: July 20th 1901 in  Corakli, Ankara Province, Ottoman Empire

Died: 25th February 1996 (aged 94), Antalya, Turkey

Source of Wealth: Koc Holding

Citizenship Turkish

Resting place: Zincirlikuyu Cemetery, Istanbul, Turkey

Sureta, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Children: 3

Known for: Turkey´s wealthiest person

Short Facts:

  • Koç began his working career in 1917 at the small grocery store his father opened for him in Ankara.
  • During Koç’s seventy-six-year business career, he created an immense organisation with more than 108 companies in the Koç Group
  • The Koç Group has 80,000 employees, ca.$40 billion turnover, $900 million of exports and $500–600 million of investment annually
  • Koç retired in 1984 to devote more time to social activities
  • On 24 October 1996, the body of Vehbi Koç was stolen from his grave. -> the body snatchers called the TV channel InterStar, then owned by Cem Uzan, and reached an agreement to release the body for 25 billion TL (around US$260,000).

Awards and honors:

  • “The Businessman of the Year” in 1987
  • “World Family Planning Award” in 1994


  • founded an Eye Bank at the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University
  • Cardiology Institute at the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University 
  • Turkish Education Foundation (Türk Eğitim Vakfı
  • Vehbi Koç Student Dorm at ODTÜ (METU)
  • established the Vehbi Koç Foundation on 17 January 1969
  • in 1976 and in 1980, he opened Turkey’s first private museum, the Sadberk Hanim Museum in memory of his late wife, Sadberk
  • Koç School opened in 1988 and Koç University in 1993.
  • established the Türkiye Aile Sağlığı ve Planlaması Vakfı


– „My constitutional law is this: I exist if my country and my state exists. We all exist if there is democracy. We must put our best efforts into strengthening the economy of our country. As our economy strengthens, democracy will take a stronger hold and our credibility in the world will increase“. – Koc

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