Don Levin – The Successful Businessman and Philanthropist You Need to Know

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Full NameDon Levin
Birth Year1948
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois
EducationJohn Marshall Law School
CareerLawyer, Sports Team Owner, Real Estate Developer
Notable AchievementFounder of the Chicago Wolves ice hockey team
PhilanthropyDonated millions of dollars to various charitable causes
Other Sports TeamsMilwaukee Admirals, Rockford IceHogs
Real Estate DevelopmentsPalmer House Hilton, No. 9 Walton
EnvironmentalismStrong supporter of conservation efforts, donated to World Wildlife Fund
Net WorthEstimated at over $1 billion (2021)

Don Levin is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has made a fortune through his involvement in a variety of industries. Born in 1948 in Chicago, Levin began his career as an attorney, but soon turned his attention to business. Over the years, he has been involved in ventures ranging from sports teams to real estate, and has built a reputation as a savvy and shrewd investor.

Levin’s first major business success came in the 1980s, when he founded the Chicago Wolves ice hockey team. Under his leadership, the Wolves quickly became one of the most successful teams in the American Hockey League, winning four championships in their first 11 seasons. Levin later sold the team in 2006, but remained involved in the sport as the owner of the ECHL’s Quad City Mallards.

In addition to his success in sports, Levin has also made a fortune in real estate. He is the founder and CEO of the leasing and development firm, Levin Properties, which owns and operates a diverse portfolio of properties throughout the United States. In recent years, he has focused his attention on developing luxury residential properties in Chicago, including the recently completed No. 9 Walton high-rise.

Thanks to his various successful ventures, Levin has amassed a significant fortune over the years. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated at over $1 billion.

Despite his wealth, Levin is known for his philanthropic efforts and dedication to his community. He has been an active supporter of a variety of causes and charities, including organizations that provide support for children and families in need. He is also a member of the board of directors for the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and has made significant donations to the hospital over the years.

In summary, Don Levin is a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur who has made a fortune through his involvement in sports teams, real estate, and other ventures. Despite his wealth, he remains dedicated to his community and has been a generous supporter of a variety of charitable causes over the years.

Here’s a timeline of some key events in the life and career of Don Levin:

  • 1948: Don Levin is born in Chicago, Illinois.
  • 1974: Levin graduates from the John Marshall Law School and begins working as an attorney.
  • 1984: Levin founds the Chicago Wolves ice hockey team.
  • 1994: The Wolves win their first championship under Levin’s ownership.
  • 2000: The Wolves win their second championship.
  • 2005: Levin is named the AHL’s Executive of the Year.
  • 2006: Levin sells the Wolves to a group led by businessman Steve Chapman.
  • 2009: Levin founds Levin Properties, a leasing and development firm.
  • 2012: Levin Properties acquires the historic Palmer House Hilton hotel in downtown Chicago.
  • 2017: Levin Properties completes the No. 9 Walton luxury residential high-rise in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.
  • 2021: Levin’s net worth is estimated at over $1 billion.

This timeline provides a brief overview of some of the major events in Don Levin’s life and career, including the founding and sale of the Chicago Wolves, the establishment of Levin Properties, and the development of luxury real estate properties in Chicago.

here are 5 interesting facts and 5 quotes from Don Levin:

5 Interesting Facts:

  1. Don Levin started his career as a lawyer and practiced law for ten years before becoming a sports team owner.
  2. He is a well-known philanthropist and has donated millions of dollars to various charitable causes over the years.
  3. In addition to the Chicago Wolves, Levin has also been involved in the ownership and management of other sports teams, including the Milwaukee Admirals and the Rockford IceHogs.
  4. Levin Properties, which he founded in 2009, has developed some of Chicago’s most luxurious residential properties.
  5. He is a strong supporter of environmental conservation and has donated significant sums to organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund.


  1. “I love the excitement of sports. It’s so much different than anything else.”
  2. “I believe that business people have a responsibility to give back to their community.”
  3. “I think the key to success is being passionate about what you do.”
  4. “I have a very high standard for myself and for the people I work with.”
  5. “I believe in living life to the fullest and making the most of every opportunity.”

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