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source: REUTERS
BirthdateApril 1, 1983
EducationStudied microelectronics at Nankai University in Tianjin, China
CareerCo-founder of ByteDance, creator of TikTok
PhilanthropyPledged to donate $10 million to COVID-19 relief efforts in early 2020
Net worthEstimated at $44.5 billion as of 2021

Zhang Yiming is a Chinese internet entrepreneur and the co-founder of ByteDance, a tech company best known for its popular social media app TikTok. Born on April 1, 1983, in Longyan, Fujian Province, China, Zhang grew up in a small town and developed an early interest in computer programming.

Zhang graduated from Nankai University in Tianjin, China, with a degree in microelectronics. After graduation, he worked as an engineer at several tech companies, including Microsoft and Kuxun, a Chinese travel search engine. In 2012, Zhang co-founded ByteDance with a team of 20 employees.

Under Zhang’s leadership, ByteDance has become one of the world’s most valuable startups, with a valuation of over $100 billion. The company’s flagship product, TikTok, has become a global sensation, with over 1 billion active users worldwide. In addition to TikTok, ByteDance also operates several other popular apps, including the Chinese news aggregator Toutiao and the short-video app Douyin.

As of 2021, Zhang Yiming’s net worth was estimated at $44.5 billion, according to Forbes. He is one of the wealthiest people in China and the world’s 21st richest person. However, despite his immense wealth, Zhang is known for his low-profile and humble demeanor.

Zhang has also faced controversy over ByteDance’s business practices, particularly regarding its handling of user data and censorship of content. In 2018, TikTok was briefly banned in India over concerns about inappropriate content, and in 2020, the app faced a potential ban in the United States over national security concerns.

Despite these challenges, Zhang Yiming remains one of the most influential figures in the tech industry and a leading voice in the Chinese business community. His success with ByteDance and TikTok has cemented his status as one of the most innovative and visionary entrepreneurs of his generation.

Here is a timeline of Zhang Yiming’s life and career:

  • April 1, 1983: Zhang Yiming is born in Longyan, Fujian Province, China.
  • 2001-2005: Zhang studies microelectronics at Nankai University in Tianjin, China.
  • 2006-2009: Zhang works as an engineer at Microsoft and other tech companies.
  • 2009-2011: Zhang works as a product manager at Kuxun, a Chinese travel search engine.
  • 2012: Zhang co-founds ByteDance with a team of 20 employees.
  • 2016: ByteDance launches Douyin, a short-video app for the Chinese market.
  • 2017: Douyin expands internationally under the name TikTok.
  • 2018: TikTok becomes the most downloaded app in the United States.
  • 2019: TikTok surpasses 1 billion active users worldwide.
  • 2020: Zhang steps down as CEO of ByteDance but remains on the company’s board of directors.
  • 2021: Zhang’s net worth is estimated at $44.5 billion, making him one of the wealthiest people in China and the world.

This timeline highlights some of the major events in Zhang Yiming’s life and career, including his education, work experience, and the founding and growth of ByteDance and its flagship app, TikTok.

5 Interesting Facts about Zhang Yiming:

  1. Despite his immense wealth, Zhang is known for his low-key lifestyle and humble demeanor.
  2. Zhang was a self-taught programmer before attending university and starting his career in the tech industry.
  3. ByteDance was originally founded as a news aggregator, but the company pivoted to focus on short-form video content with the launch of Douyin.
  4. Zhang has stated that he values innovation and creativity above profits and revenue.
  5. Zhang is a supporter of the Chinese government and has described himself as a “pragmatic socialist.”

5 Quotes from Zhang Yiming:

  1. “Innovation is not just about technology. Innovation is about combining technology and a unique idea to create a new and better experience for people.”
  2. “I believe that every industry can and will be transformed by artificial intelligence and big data, and this transformation will bring more convenience and benefits to human beings.”
  3. “As an entrepreneur, the best thing you can do is to try something different and see if it works. Don’t be afraid of failure, because failure is the mother of success.”
  4. “We always believe that the best way to serve users is to create great content and let users choose what they want to see.”
  5. “Innovation is a continuous process. You can never stop innovating and improving your products and services.”

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