From Birth to Reign: A Timeline of King Philippe of Belgium’s Life and Achievements

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King Philippe of Belgium has been the constitutional monarch of Belgium since 2013, succeeding his father King Albert II. While the Belgian monarchy may not have the same public profile as some other European monarchies, it is still an important institution in the country and the royal family is certainly not lacking in wealth and influence.

King Philippe’s personal wealth is estimated to be around €12 million ($14 million USD) according to some sources. This includes income from the state, as well as the significant inheritance he received from his father, who reportedly had a personal fortune of around €12 million.

However, it is worth noting that the Belgian monarchy is not funded by taxpayers in the same way as some other European monarchies such as the British monarchy. Instead, the Belgian royal family receives a fixed annual allowance from the government, which is used to cover their official duties and expenses.

In addition to this, the Belgian monarchy also benefits from significant properties and assets. For example, the Royal Palace in Brussels is one of the most opulent and impressive royal residences in Europe, and is valued at around €150 million.

While some may argue that the Belgian monarchy is an outdated institution that is no longer relevant in the modern world, there is no denying that it remains a significant cultural and historical symbol for the country. The royal family is actively involved in charitable work and represents Belgium on the world stage, helping to promote the country’s culture, values, and interests.

Overall, King Philippe of Belgium may not be the wealthiest monarch in Europe, but he and his family still enjoy a significant amount of wealth and influence. Whether or not you support the monarchy, there is no denying that it remains an important part of Belgium’s cultural and political landscape.

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1960: King Philippe is born on April 15 in Brussels, Belgium, as the eldest son of King Albert II and Queen Paola.

1978: He attends the Royal Military Academy in Brussels and begins his military service.

1981-1985: King Philippe studies at Trinity College in Oxford, England, and at Stanford University in California.

1989: He marries Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz, a Belgian noblewoman.

1993: King Philippe is appointed as Honorary Chairman of the Belgian Foreign Trade Board.

1999: King Philippe and Queen Mathilde have their first child, Princess Elisabeth.

2001: King Philippe is appointed as Honorary Chairman of the Belgian Council for Sustainable Development.

2005: He is appointed as Chairman of the Prince Albert Fund, which supports sustainable development projects in developing countries.

2013: King Albert II announces his abdication, and on July 21, King Philippe ascends to the throne as the seventh king of the Belgians.

2014: King Philippe delivers a historic speech at the commemoration of the outbreak of World War I, emphasizing the importance of peace and reconciliation.

2015: The King and Queen make a state visit to Canada, where they meet with government officials and members of the Canadian public.

2017: King Philippe makes a state visit to India, where he meets with government officials and business leaders to strengthen trade ties between the two countries.

2018: The King and Queen make a state visit to Japan, where they participate in cultural events and meet with Japanese officials to discuss cooperation on economic and environmental issues.

2020: King Philippe makes a rare televised address during the COVID-19 pandemic, urging Belgians to stay united and follow health guidelines to overcome the crisis.

2021: King Philippe and Queen Mathilde celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, and the King visits flood-damaged areas in Belgium to express his support for the affected communities.

5 Facts about him

  1. Early Life: King Philippe was born on April 15, 1960, in Brussels, Belgium. He is the eldest son of King Albert II and Queen Paola.
  2. Education and Military Service: He attended high school in Brussels and then went on to study at the Royal Military Academy in Belgium. He also studied at Trinity College in Oxford, England, and at Stanford University in California. He served in the Belgian Army and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  3. Marriage and Children: In 1999, King Philippe married Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz, a Belgian noblewoman. They have four children: Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel, and Princess Eleonore.
  4. Reign: King Philippe ascended to the throne on July 21, 2013, after his father, King Albert II, abdicated. He is the seventh king of the Belgians.
  5. Interests and Hobbies: King Philippe has a passion for sports and has participated in several sporting events, including the Brussels 20 km race. He is also interested in technology and innovation, and has visited several tech companies during his reign to learn more about their work. Additionally, he is an avid collector of modern art and has a personal collection that includes works by Belgian and international artists.

5 Quotes about him

  1. “In a society that is constantly changing, we have to continue to think anew about what it means to live together, in respect and with trust.”
  2. “Belgium is not just a country, it’s an idea. It’s the idea that diversity is not a weakness but a strength.”
  3. “Let us work together, each in our own way, to build a better society for all, where respect and solidarity are our guiding principles.”
  4. “We need to find the right balance between economic growth, social well-being and environmental protection, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.”
  5. “We need to listen to each other more, to be open to new ideas and different perspectives, and to work together to find solutions to the challenges we face.”

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