The Wealth and Lifestyle of the Geissens: A Look at Germany’s Most Glamorous Family

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The Geissens, source: RTLII
Family NameGeissens
TV Show“Die Geissens – Eine schrecklich glamouröse Familie”
PatriarchRobert Geiss
Business VenturesCo-founded Uncle Sam sportswear brand, founded Amnesia clothing brand, invested in real estate
WealthEstimated 500 million euros
PropertiesVilla in Monaco, mansion in Grimaud
YachtNamed “Roberto Cavalli”
CriticismsOstentatious displays of wealth
EntrepreneurshipWritten books, launched clothing line and perfume
PopularityPopular in Germany and Europe, millions of viewers and social media followers
LessonsHard work and entrepreneurialism can lead to success

The Geissens are a wealthy German family who rose to fame with their reality TV show “Die Geissens – Eine schrecklich glamouröse Familie” (“The Geissens – A terribly glamorous family”). The show premiered on German television in 2011 and has since become a popular program throughout Europe. The family’s lavish lifestyle, expensive cars, and luxurious vacations have made them a topic of interest for many.

The patriarch of the Geissens family, Robert Geiss, was born on January 29, 1964, in Cologne, Germany. He made his fortune in the fashion industry, co-founding the clothing brand “Uncle Sam” in the 1980s. The brand became popular for its sportswear and was worn by celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

After the success of Uncle Sam, Robert and his brother Michael founded another clothing brand called “Amnesia”. However, the company faced financial difficulties in the early 2000s, and Robert decided to sell his share of the business. He then invested in real estate and other business ventures, which contributed to his wealth.

Robert married his wife Carmen in 1994, and together they have two children, Davina and Shania. The family’s wealth is estimated to be around 500 million euros, and they are known for their extravagant spending habits. They own several properties around the world, including a villa in Monaco, a mansion in Grimaud, and a yacht named “Roberto Cavalli”.

The Geissens have been criticized for their ostentatious displays of wealth, with some calling their lifestyle “vulgar” and “excessive”. However, they have also been praised for their entrepreneurial spirit and for providing entertainment to their fans.

In addition to their reality TV show, the Geissens have also written several books, including “Reich und Sexy” (“Rich and Sexy”) and “Von Nix kommt nix” (“Nothing comes from nothing”). They have also launched their own clothing line, “Roberto Geissini”, and a perfume called “Roberto & Carmen”.

Despite the criticism they have received, the Geissens remain popular in Germany and throughout Europe. Their show continues to attract millions of viewers, and their social media accounts have millions of followers. While their lifestyle may not be relatable to most people, the Geissens have proven that hard work and entrepreneurialism can lead to great success.

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