The Life and Wealth of King Letsie III of Lesotho

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首相官邸ホームページ, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

King Letsie III is the reigning monarch of Lesotho, a small landlocked country in Southern Africa. He was born on July 17, 1963, in the capital city of Maseru, and is the eldest son of King Moshoeshoe II and Queen Mamohato Bereng Seeiso.

King Letsie III ascended to the throne for the first time in 1990, following the abdication of his father. However, he was later forced to go into exile in the United Kingdom in 1995, following a military coup that removed him from power. He returned to Lesotho in 1996 and was restored to the throne in 1997, following a general election.

In addition to his role as king, King Letsie III is a respected diplomat and has served as Lesotho’s representative to the United Nations. He has also been actively involved in promoting education and healthcare in his country.

Regarding his wealth, King Letsie III is estimated to have a net worth of around $50 million. Most of his wealth comes from the government’s budget, which provides for his expenses and those of the royal family. He also has business interests, including ownership in several companies, and receives a stipend from the government to cover his personal expenses.

Despite his wealth, King Letsie III is known for his humble lifestyle and is respected for his dedication to his country and its people. He is a strong advocate for peace and unity in Lesotho, and has worked to promote democracy and economic development in the country.

In summary, King Letsie III is a beloved monarch who has dedicated his life to serving his country and its people. While he is wealthy, he is known for his modesty and commitment to improving the lives of his fellow citizens.

Here is a timeline of King Letsie III of Lesotho:

  • July 17, 1963: Letsie III is born in Morija, Lesotho, as the eldest son of King Moshoeshoe II and Queen Mamohato Bereng Seeiso.
  • January 15, 1970: Letsie III’s father, King Moshoeshoe II, is forced into exile in the United Kingdom following a military coup in Lesotho. Letsie III and his younger brother, Prince Masupha Seeiso, go with their parents into exile.
  • January 15, 1986: King Moshoeshoe II is allowed to return to Lesotho from exile, and Letsie III is appointed as his deputy.
  • January 15, 1990: King Moshoeshoe II dies in a car accident, and Letsie III becomes the new king of Lesotho at the age of 26.
  • August 31, 1994: Letsie III is forced to abdicate the throne by the military government of Lesotho, and his father’s brother, King Letsie III, is installed as the new monarch.
  • December 1995: Following a democratic election in Lesotho, Letsie III is restored to the throne as the constitutional monarch of the country.
  • February 7, 1996: Letsie III marries Karabo Motšoeneng in a traditional ceremony in Maseru, Lesotho. The couple has three children: Princess Mary Senate Mohato Seeiso, Princess ‘Maseeiso Mohato Seeiso, and Prince Lerotholi Seeiso.
  • 2007: Letsie III becomes the first African monarch to address the United Nations General Assembly, where he speaks about the need to tackle poverty and inequality in Africa.
  • 2014: Letsie III appoints Dr. Pakalitha Mosisili as the new prime minister of Lesotho, following the resignation of the previous government amid allegations of a coup attempt.
  • 2020: Letsie III addresses the nation amid the COVID-19 pandemic, urging the people of Lesotho to follow public health guidelines and support each other during the crisis.

That concludes the timeline of King Letsie III of Lesotho.

Sure, here are 5 interesting facts about King Letsie III of Lesotho:

  1. He has a degree in law from the National University of Lesotho.
  2. He is an advocate for environmental conservation and has established a number of initiatives to protect Lesotho’s natural resources.
  3. He is an accomplished musician and plays several instruments, including the piano and guitar.
  4. He is a member of the Order of the Garter, one of the highest orders of chivalry in the United Kingdom.
  5. He is a strong advocate for gender equality and has spoken out against gender-based violence in Lesotho.

And here are 5 quotes from King Letsie III of Lesotho:

  1. “Let us all join hands to make Lesotho a peaceful and prosperous nation, where justice, freedom, and dignity prevail.”
  2. “As leaders, we must be seen to be doing everything possible to create a conducive environment for peace and stability to thrive.”
  3. “It is our collective responsibility to work together to create a better future for all our people.”
  4. “The key to progress is education, and we must do everything we can to ensure that every child in Lesotho has access to a quality education.”
  5. “Lesotho is a small country, but we have a big heart, and we are determined to make a positive contribution to the world.”

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