King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands: Biography, Facts, and Quotes

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King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was born on April 27, 1967, in Utrecht, Netherlands, as the eldest son of Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus. He is the first male monarch of the Netherlands in over a century, having ascended to the throne on April 30, 2013, following his mother’s abdication.

King Willem-Alexander’s personal wealth is estimated to be around €200 million ($230 million), according to various sources. However, it’s important to note that much of this wealth is not his own but rather belongs to the Dutch Royal Family as a whole.

The Dutch royal family has significant wealth, much of which comes from the vast property holdings that are managed by the Crown Property Bureau. The bureau is responsible for managing and maintaining a wide range of properties, including royal palaces, parks, and forests. The bureau also invests in real estate and other ventures, generating a considerable amount of revenue for the royal family.

In addition to his inherited wealth, King Willem-Alexander also receives a generous allowance from the Dutch government, which covers his official duties and personal expenses. According to reports, the king receives an annual salary of around €950,000 ($1.1 million), which is used to cover his official duties, staff salaries, and palace maintenance.

Despite his considerable wealth, King Willem-Alexander is known for his down-to-earth personality and his commitment to public service. He is actively involved in a wide range of philanthropic organizations and causes, including water management, sustainable development, and sports.

In his personal life, King Willem-Alexander is married to Queen Maxima, a former investment banker from Argentina, whom he met while on a trip to Spain. The couple has three daughters together, Princess Catharina-Amalia, Princess Alexia, and Princess Ariane.

Overall, King Willem-Alexander’s personal wealth is substantial, but it is also important to note that much of it is tied to his position as a member of the Dutch royal family. Regardless of his financial situation, he has shown a strong commitment to public service and philanthropy throughout his life, and he continues to be a respected and beloved figure in the Netherlands and around the world.

Floris Looijesteijn, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


  • April 27, 1967: Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand is born in Utrecht, Netherlands, as the eldest son of Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus.
  • September 1983: Willem-Alexander begins his studies at Leiden University, where he would later earn a degree in history.
  • August 1985: Willem-Alexander receives his military commission in the Royal Netherlands Navy and begins his officer training.
  • February 2, 2002: Willem-Alexander marries Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti, a former investment banker from Argentina, in Amsterdam.
  • April 30, 2013: Queen Beatrix abdicates the throne, and Willem-Alexander becomes King of the Netherlands.
  • June 2013: Willem-Alexander attends the 2013 Bilderberg Conference in Watford, England, becoming the first sitting Dutch monarch to attend the secretive gathering of world leaders.
  • November 2013: Willem-Alexander makes his first state visit to the United Kingdom as King of the Netherlands, meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family.
  • April 2015: Willem-Alexander attends the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, where he advocates for increased action to combat climate change.
  • October 2018: Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima make a state visit to the United Kingdom, meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family.
  • May 2019: Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima attend the coronation of Emperor Naruhito of Japan, becoming the first Dutch monarchs to attend a Japanese imperial enthronement ceremony.
  • March 2020: Willem-Alexander delivers a rare televised address to the Dutch people, expressing solidarity and support in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • October 2020: Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima return early from a holiday in Greece after facing criticism for traveling during the pandemic.
  • April 2021: Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary.
  • September 2021: Willem-Alexander attends the opening of the Dutch parliamentary year, delivering a speech in which he discusses the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other issues facing the country.

5 interesting facts:

  1. King Willem-Alexander became the first Dutch monarch in over a century to hold a pilot’s license, and he occasionally flies commercial and government planes.
  2. He is a passionate sports enthusiast and has participated in several marathons and triathlons, including the New York City Marathon and the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii.
  3. King Willem-Alexander has a keen interest in water management and has served as the chairman of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation.
  4. He is known for his down-to-earth personality and has been spotted riding his bike to work and attending public events in casual clothing.
  5. King Willem-Alexander is a trained historian and has published several articles on Dutch history, including a study on the Dutch resistance during World War II.


  1. “As king, you must remain neutral and above the political fray, but you can still have strong opinions.”
  2. “Water is the source of life, and it is also the source of danger. That is why we must always respect it.”
  3. “The most important role for a king is to be a good listener and to be able to connect with people from all walks of life.”
  4. “Sport is more than just a pastime. It can also bring people together and inspire them to achieve great things.”
  5. “We must always be vigilant against the forces of division and intolerance, and work together to build a more inclusive and just society.”

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