Vincent Novello Biography: Life, Career, Success, Wealth & Net Worth

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BirthplaceLondon, England
OccupationMusic publisher, composer, conductor, editor
Known forEstablishing high standards of accuracy and quality in music publishing
Key achievementsPublishing works by contemporary composers, producing accurate editions of Handel, Mozart, and Beethoven, founding the London Orpheus Choir
Famous friendshipsFelix Mendelssohn, Gioachino Rossini
Musical instrumentsPiano, organ, violin
Religious beliefsDevout Catholic
Philanthropic workFounding member of the Royal Society of Musicians
Death1861, Nice, France

Vincent Novello (1781-1861) was an English music publisher, composer, and conductor who made significant contributions to the music industry during his lifetime. Novello was born in London to a musical family, and his father was a prominent music engraver who taught him the craft. As a child, Novello began to study music, and by the age of nine, he had composed his first piece.

In 1801, Novello established his own music publishing company, which quickly became one of the most successful music publishers in London. Novello’s company published a wide range of music, including church music, operas, instrumental music, and choral works. Novello’s company also became known for its high-quality music editions and for its dedication to promoting the works of contemporary composers.

Novello’s success as a publisher was matched by his success as a conductor and composer. He was appointed conductor of the Philharmonic Society in 1829, a position he held until 1833. Novello was also a prolific composer, and his works included operas, oratorios, and chamber music.

One of Novello’s most significant achievements was his work as an editor of music. He produced editions of the works of Handel, Mozart, and Beethoven that were widely regarded as some of the most accurate and reliable editions of those composers’ music. Novello’s editions were based on extensive research and scholarship, and they helped to establish a new standard of accuracy and precision in music publishing.

In addition to his work as a publisher, conductor, composer, and editor, Novello was also a devoted philanthropist. He was a founding member of the Royal Society of Musicians, which provided financial assistance to musicians in need, and he also founded the London Orpheus Choir, which became one of the most prestigious choirs in London.

Vincent Novello’s legacy in the music industry was immense. He was a pioneer in the field of music publishing, and his dedication to accuracy and quality helped to establish new standards in music publishing that are still in use today. Novello’s contributions to the world of music continue to be celebrated and honored, and his influence can be seen in the work of countless musicians, composers, and music publishers around the world.

Here’s a timeline of Vincent Novello’s life:

  • 1781: Vincent Novello is born in London to a musical family.
  • 1790s: Novello begins to study music and composition, and his father teaches him music engraving.
  • 1801: Novello establishes his own music publishing company in London.
  • 1811: Novello marries Mary Sabilla Hehl, a pianist and singer who would later become a frequent collaborator.
  • 1820s: Novello becomes involved in the Philharmonic Society, a prominent music organization in London.
  • 1829: Novello is appointed conductor of the Philharmonic Society, a position he holds until 1833.
  • 1830s: Novello becomes known for his accurate and reliable music editions of Handel, Mozart, and Beethoven.
  • 1840s: Novello is a founding member of the Royal Society of Musicians, a philanthropic organization that provides financial assistance to musicians in need.
  • 1850s: Novello founds the London Orpheus Choir, which becomes one of the most prestigious choirs in London.
  • 1861: Vincent Novello passes away in Nice, France, at the age of 79.

5 Interesting Facts About Vincent Novello:

  1. Novello was known for his close friendships with several prominent composers of his time, including Felix Mendelssohn and Gioachino Rossini.
  2. In addition to his work as a publisher and composer, Novello was also an accomplished performer on the piano, organ, and violin.
  3. Novello was a devout Catholic and composed a number of religious works, including several masses and oratorios.
  4. Novello’s music publishing company was responsible for bringing many works by contemporary composers to the attention of the public, including the music of Franz Schubert.
  5. Novello’s dedication to accuracy and quality in music publishing was so great that he often went to great lengths to obtain original manuscripts and other source materials for his editions.

5 Quotes From Vincent Novello:

  1. “Music is a language that speaks to the soul and transcends all boundaries.”
  2. “The purpose of music is not to entertain, but to elevate the human spirit.”
  3. “The true measure of a composer’s greatness is not in the number of works they produce, but in the lasting impact that those works have on the world.”
  4. “The beauty of music lies in its ability to express emotions and ideas that cannot be put into words.”
  5. “Music is a gift from God, and it is our duty to use that gift to enrich the lives of others.”

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