Sara Nuru: Biography of a German Model, TV Presenter, and Entrepreneur

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Sara Nuru – Life Ball 2013 – Manfred Werner (Tsui), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
BornSara Nuru

19 August 1989 (age 33)
ErdingBavariaWest Germany
(now Germany)
Height1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight56 kg- 123.5 lb
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Net Worth$5 million

Sara Nuru is a German model, television presenter, and entrepreneur of Ethiopian descent. She was born on August 19, 1989, in Erding, Germany. Nuru grew up in Munich and attended school in Germany. After completing her high school education, she studied fashion management in Munich.

Nuru’s modeling career began in 2009 when she won the fourth season of “Germany’s Next Top Model.” Her win launched her career, and she went on to work with several renowned designers, including Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood. She has also graced the cover of several magazines, including Vogue and Elle.

In addition to her modeling career, Nuru is also a television presenter. She has hosted several shows, including “Das Supertalent,” “Fashion Hero,” and “Red! Stars, Lifestyle & More.”

Nuru is also an entrepreneur. She co-founded “nuruCoffee,” a coffee company that focuses on promoting fair trade and sustainable farming practices. The company has grown to include several branches across Germany and employs over 40 people.

As for her wealth, Nuru’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her income comes from her modeling career, television hosting, and her coffee business. However, Nuru has said that her wealth is not her primary focus, and that she is more interested in using her platform to promote social causes, including fair trade and sustainability.

In conclusion, Sara Nuru is a successful model, television presenter, and entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the fashion industry and beyond. Through her various ventures, she has built a substantial net worth, but she remains committed to using her platform for the greater good.

Here is a timeline of some of the significant events in the life of Sara Nuru:

  • August 19, 1989: Sara Nuru is born in Erding, Germany.
  • 2009: Nuru wins the fourth season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” and launches her modeling career.
  • 2010: She graces the cover of German Vogue and walks in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
  • 2011: Nuru co-hosts the RTL show “Das Supertalent” and becomes the new face of Maybelline New York in Germany.
  • 2012: She co-hosts the ProSieben show “Fashion Hero” and walks in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.
  • 2014: Nuru hosts the ProSieben show “Red! Stars, Lifestyle & More” and becomes an ambassador for the aid organization “SOS Children’s Villages.”
  • 2017: She co-founds “nuruCoffee,” a fair trade and sustainable coffee company.
  • 2019: Nuru opens the first “nuruCoffee” cafe in Berlin and expands the company to several branches across Germany.
  • 2021: Her estimated net worth is around $5 million, and she continues to work in modeling, television hosting, and entrepreneurship.
  • Present day: Nuru remains committed to promoting social causes, including fair trade and sustainability, and uses her platform to make a positive impact in the world.

5 Interesting Facts About Sara Nuru:

  1. Nuru was born in Germany to Ethiopian parents and speaks both German and Amharic fluently.
  2. She initially pursued a career in fashion management before being scouted for “Germany’s Next Top Model.”
  3. Nuru is an advocate for diversity in the fashion industry and has spoken out about the lack of representation for black models.
  4. She has a passion for sports and enjoys playing soccer and basketball in her free time.
  5. Nuru is a supporter of several charitable organizations, including SOS Children’s Villages and Save the Children.

5 Quotes by Sara Nuru:

  1. “Modeling is an important platform to promote diversity and encourage young people to embrace their uniqueness.”
  2. “As a model, I feel a responsibility to represent diversity in the industry and empower other women to do the same.”
  3. “I believe that everyone has a responsibility to give back to their communities and make a positive impact in the world.”
  4. “Fair trade and sustainability are not just buzzwords. They are essential for creating a better future for our planet and the people who live on it.”
  5. “Success is not just about achieving personal goals. It’s about using your platform to make a positive impact and inspire others to do the same.”

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